Sell Audio/Video Equipment

Sell Audio/Video Equipment at North Phoenix PawnNorth Phoenix Pawn is the place to go when you sell audio/video equipment.  Whether your equipment is vintage, or recently released, we are the premier pawn shop when it comes to our offers!  Our pawn shop will accurately assess your equipment and offer you the best possible offer!

Whether you are in a band, a DJ or a YouTuber you have to find how you want to express yourself, and how that should look or sound.  More so when your band is starting out, it is hard to know what will work best for you and your crew.  However, you can also have a band that has been playing together for years, and have replaced equipment here and there.

No matter what the case is, North Phoenix Pawn is here and ready to buy your sound systems and video equipment today!

Sell Audio/Video Equipment at North Phoenix Pawn!

Sell Audio/Video Equipment to North Phoenix Pawn! Our offers are solid!There is a long list of video and audio equipment that we are ready to buy.  If your audio or video equipment has value, we will make you an offer!

Equipment we are looking to buy:

  • Headphones, Headsets and Earsets
  • Cameras, Portable Camera
  • Tripods
  • Microphones, Studio Microphones and Boom Mics
  • Camera Gimbals
  • Editing/Production Software
  • Lighting
  • Video-Editing Hardware
  • Capture Cards and Memory Cards
  • Amplifiers
  • Recording and Sound Mixers
  • DVDs and Blu-ray
  • CD Players, CD DVD Duplicators and Audio Recorders
  • Podcasting
  • Monitor Systems
  • Recording Accessories
  • Microphone and Phono Preamps
  • Computer Audio Accessories
  • Audio Signal Processing
  • Home Sound Systems
  • Car Audio Equipment

We Buy Any & All Video and Audio Equipment

Sell Audio/Video Equipment - Phonographs too! North Phoenix PawnSince 1877, when Thomas Edison revealed the phonograph, we have been able to record and listen to what’s been recorded.   Now, almost 150 years later, our technology continues to expand and grow with our recording capabilities.  However, across the mixing boards and more, the quality of the equipment and its working capabilities can maintain its value quite nicely.  Making it that much easier to sell audio/video equipment and have a pocket full of cash!

When you bring your items to sell video/audio equipment into North Phoenix Pawn, an associate will begin the process with an assessment.  Our valuations are free of charge on audio and video equipment.  In addition, there also is no obligation to accept our offer.  Therefore, first examining the physical appearance of your equipment.  This is to ensure that there are no marks or scratches that affect its value.  After that, the equipment will be powered up and tested to confirm that everything is in good working condition.  Lastly, we will refer to the current market value of the make and model brought in, and then an offer will be presented to you.

Click on the bottom right of the screen for customer assistance via our live-chat.  Our assistant can answer your questions, and begin the paperwork on-line before you arrive at North Phoenix Pawn. 

Pawning Vs. Selling

Pawn - Cash Loans at North Phoenix Pawn - Phoenix Pawn ShopWe all have valuable items that for one reason or another we are not willing selling.  Although, you still need to find the means to getting some extra cash.  A pawn loan does just that.

Pawn loans are also known as collateral loans.  The amount that is loaned to you is based on an item’s loan to value.  Therefore, these are are hassle-free loans for a total of 90 days, and offer almost the same amount as selling the item.  For the duration of the loan, we keep your valuables safe and secure until you return to pay the loan in full.  In the end, by paying back in full, you can have your audio equipment back in your possession in 90 days or less.

North Phoenix Pawn offer solutions to your cash problems with the best offers possible!  Whether you wish to pawn or sell audio/video equipment, bring them to the pawn shop you can rely on!