Pawn Pool Cues

Pawn Pool Cues

Pawn shops and pool cues continue to be cohorts, providing their owners with the fast cash they need, when they pawn pool cues for cash.  And, the place to go for the best cash offer around, is North Phoenix Pawn.  Our pawnbrokers will accurately assess your cue’s value, and turn it into a cash offer that is hard to resist.  So, come on in to our pawn shop with your cue and case, and see what offer awaits you, at our store.

The Value of Pool Cues

If pool is your sport of choice, its because you have the focus and commitment it takes to consistently play well.  And, while there are those that just play pool to pass time. with a pool cue supplied at their local bar, there are those who take pride in their game, brand and style of their pool cues.

How do I know if my pool cue is valuable?  Well, chances are if you are a committed pool player, on a league, or in weekly tournaments, and winning money, your investment in your pool stick speaks for itself.  Specially if they are one of the following lines or brands:

Joss Cues – Pechauer Cues – McDermott Cues – Viking Cues – Collegiate – Mizerak – Cuetec – Meucci – Jacoby Custom Cues – Predator Cues – PureX Technology – Players Cues – Rage Cues – Dufferin Cues – Lucasi Custom – Lucasi Lux – Lucasi Pinnacle – Lucasi Hybrid – Lucasi Custom Carom Cues – Balabushka

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Pawning Your Cue Stick

At North Phoenix Pawn, we highly advise our customers to always take a few moments, to ensure that they are prepared to get the best cash offers possible to pawn pool cues.  Therefore, make sure your stick is in its best possible condition, that you have everything together and in its case, and have any receipts or paperwork you have for the stick itself, before you head up to our store.

When you arrive at our pawn shop, to pawn pool cues, our pawnbroker will begin the assessment (free of charge) of its overall condition.  After that, they will refer to its current market value as a resale item, and then figure out the loan to value ratio, and present a cash offer to you.   There is never any obligation to accept our cash offer.

Terms When You Pawn Pool Cues

Upon accepting our cash offer, we will need you to supply your valid and current Arizona Driver’s License, or state ID, and a few signatures to complete the paperwork.  Once that is said and done, we count out the offer in cash, and hand it to you.

All of our pawn loans at North Phoenix Pawn are for 90 days.  There is no set payment schedule beyond satisfying the loan within the 90 days itself.  You are more than welcome to make payments, and or pay off the loan in full at any time.  In fact, if you satisfy the loan before the 60th day, we will deduct a redemption discount from the total amount due.  Once the loan is paid in full, our pawnbroker will happily retrieve your belongings, and hand them back to you, in the same condition they were received.

If you need more time, by paying only the interest accrued to date, we can rewrite the loan for another 90 days to give you the time you need.

Sell Pool Cues & Buy Pool Cues

Not only can you pawn pool cues at North Phoenix Pawn, you can sell them outright too!  The assessment process is the same, but the cash offer is slightly higher than our offers for a pawn loan.  Because we can turn around and pass on the savings to other customers that are looking to buy pool cues.