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Sell watch for the most cash possible at North Phoenix PawnSell Watch And Get Cash In Your Hands Quickly!

When it comes to luxury watches, when you sell watch to North Phoenix Pawn, time is truly money!  Because it took money to be able to buy it.  And it will take an acceptable offer to be able to sell it.  With our experienced and skilled pawnbrokers, you will receive an accurate assessment, the highest offer possible, and the ability to turn that offer into cash on the spot.  In the end, when you enter our pawn shop, you’ll find that you are surrounded by a friendly atmosphere and professional services our pawnbrokers provide.  So, come on down to North Phoenix Pawn, and get the fast cash you need when you sell your watch to our store!


Rolex – Breitling – Patek Philippe – Audermars Piguet – OMEGA – Cartier – TAG Heuer – Movado – Hublot – Tudor – Breguet – Gucci – Invicta – IWC – Montblanc – Bulgari – And More!! 

Assessing Your Watches Value

The monetary value of a luxury watch starts at its brand name when you seek to sell watch.  Brands like Rolex, Breitling and OMEGA are going to be prone to be offered the most, considering their retail value when they are brand new.  After that, our pawnbroker will verify the brands authenticity.  Therefore, any and all the paperwork and certifications you received at the time of purchase, is very helpful to our pawnbroker to determine the authenticity of the watch’s brand and model.

The next thing that is important to get the best offer possible when you sell watch to our store, is the overall condition of the watch itself.  The first thing the pawnbroker will examine is its visible condition.  Obviously, newer time pieces that are kept in “like new” condition will retain their value more.  Likewise, antique and rare time pieces that have discoloration to them, due to their age, can increase their value, as well.  However, that is dependent on if the watch, and all its functions, are in good working order.  Therefore, if any accessories are missing, or if any functions are faulty, that will affect the offer in the end.

Another thing that helps the pawnbrokers determine an offer to sell watch to us, is how many of the same make and model of the watch, continue to be in circulation today.  Usually special editions of a model of watch will be limited to how many are released to the public.  Therefore, a high demand can easily exceed the supply available of certain watches.

Sell watch with all accessories, in box, along with all of its paperwork, in its best possible condition - North Phoenix PawnTips On Selling Watch, and Getting The Most Cash Possible

  1. Bring in the watch in its best possible condition.
  2. Present it in the packaging it came in, along with all of the accessories it came with at the time of purchase.
  3. Have all the paperwork the luxury watch it came with, including the certificate of authenticity, as well as the sales receipt from when you bought it.
  4. If you’ve previously had an appraisal completed on your watch, bring that as well.

All of our valuations and cash offers for luxury watches are free of charge.  Nor is there any obligation to accept our cash offer.

Accepting Our Cash Offer To Sell Watch

Upon accepting our offer, we will need you to provide a your current and valid Arizona Drivers License and your signature to complete the paperwork.  After that, we will count our the offer in cash and hand it directly to you.  This entire process can be completed, and you can be walking out the door with the cash in hand in 15 minutes or less.  Considering the amount of cash you can receive, and the professional and friendly service you received, that was time well spent to sell watch at North Phoenix Pawn!