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Sell Pinball Machine To The Most Reliable Pawn Shop: North Phoenix Pawn

Do you want to sell pinball machine that you have, but don’t know how to go about it?  Well, there’s no need to look any further than North Phoenix Pawn!  We will gladly take it, and put the most cash possible in your hands quickly!  Because our pawnbrokers are well equipped to assess your pinball machine, and present an offer to you, and the cash on hand to back it up.

What Is The Monetary Value Of Your Pinball Machine?

Unfortunately, when it comes to pinball machines, there is no version of a Kelley Blue Book, to help you determine its value.  But, there are quite of few factors that are considered when you sell pinball machine or want a valuation completed.

  • Is it a newer pinball machine? 
    • A lot of the newer pinball machines use advanced networks, that make pinball more vibrant in color, and more intriguing to play.  With combining newer technology, with an arcade favorite, it can easily retain over half of its original value at the time of purchase.
  • Is your pinball machine an antique?
    • Although pinball machines emerged in the 1930s, it’s not its age that gives it value, as much as the time and popularity of the gaming system.  To buy or sell pinball machines from the 70s, 80s and 90s have a tendency to have a higher value.  Not only for their nostalgia, but also the complexity, originality, and visual appeal that arose during this time, in the production of the pinball machines.
  • What type of pinball machine is it?
    • Most of think of the standard pinball machine.  You know, the kind you stand in front of , standing on 4 legs, with lots of flashing lights and sound affects as your score quickly escalates.  But there was an array of different kinds of pinball machines.  Then in the 1960s and 70s the electromechanical factors that overwhelmingly took over the direct of these games.  However, there are also pinball machines that have a CPU that control and determine what happens with each move, and each trigger that is hit in the ball’s path.
  • Was your pinball machine one of the popular ones?
    • The popularity at the time of the game’s release, is one of the most important factors.  Its popularity can determine a higher price tag, in your favor, to sell pinball machine for cash.  In fact, Attack from Mars or original Twilight Zone pinball machine can still sell for thousands of dollars, even if it is not in working condition.
  • How many of the pinball machines were distributed at the time?
    • There are some pinball machines that were a good game at the time, but weren’t a big seller.  This means that a thousand or less of this game were released.  A good example of this is Cactus Canyon, from the 1990s.  Now, in 2022, this game has a higher demand than there are available out there to possibly buy.
  • What’s the condition of the game itself?
    • If you want to sell pinball machine, for the most cash possible, it is always best to present it in its best possible condition.  Although, stated above, the point is made that the demand of some pinball machines are so high, its condition is secondary.  However, that is not the case for the majority of these beloved games.  Therefore, it is always best that the pinball machine is at bare minimum in fare working condition.  But, the better the condition, the more cash in your hand you will walk away with.

Sell Pinball Machine for the Most Cash Possible

For over 25 years, North Phoenix Pawn has provided Phoenix residents with the best offers around for valuables, and quickly turns it into cash in your hands in mere minutes.  Therefore, bring your vintage, or brand new pinball machine to our location, and allow us to show you how well we recognize true value!

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