Sell Gift Cards

Sell Gift Cards in Minutes

Sell gift cards, including Starbucks gift cards and more at North Phoenix PawnDid you know that you can gather the collection of cards you’ve never used and sell gift cards for cash?  Yes, that is correct.  And there is no better place to bring them then North Phoenix Pawn.  Because we make the best cash offers around, and turn it into cash in your hands in 15 minutes or less.  Because, it’s not that you never use any of the gift cards you receive.  But, it is a fact, that many of us receive gift cards on our birthday, or on holidays, that are for stores we do not personally go to.

Therefore, let us walk you through the process to sell gift cards at our pawn shop, and get some extra cash, at North Phoenix Pawn.  Because there are not many pawn shops that are willing to buy gift cards… And this is just one of the many reasons, our pawn shop surpasses all others when it comes to ways to put cash in your hands, and quickly.

We Buy:  Visa Gift Cards ~ MasterCard Gift Cards ~ American Express Gift Cards ~ Amazon Gift Cards ~ Apple iTunes Gift Cards ~ Starbucks Gift Cards ~ & More!

Sell Gift Cards For Fast Cash

Although, there are other alternatives to sell your gift cards, the fastest way to sell them is at a pawn shop, like, North Phoenix Pawn.  Because, your other options are usually online.  Which means, it’s not as quick turn around, and you will not receive actual cold hard cash in your hands.  And, we all know, that even if you bought the gift card, and have the receipt, you can not cash them in at the actual retail store it was bought from.

The Process to Sell Gift Cards at North Phoenix Pawn

Sell gift cards for cash - Amazon Gift Cards - North Phoenix PawnTo sell gift cards at our pawn shop is a relatively easy process, and takes only mere minutes.  First and foremost, the gift card must still have all of the foil over the PIN number on the backside of the card.  And, it can not look as if it has been tampered with, in any way, whatsoever.  Because, this is a security measure that is taken by those retail stores or services, that the amount that is stated on the card has not been compromised.

Depending on the type or brand of gift card, if it is not compromised, you will receive approximately 50% or more, of the cash value of your cards.  It will increase your cash offer, when you sell gift cards that are still in their packaging, as they are in grocery stores, or the retail store itself.  This also ensures that there is no possible tampering that has happened to the gift cards.  In addition, if you have the receipt from the time of purchase, this also can increase your cash offer, if at all possible.

We buy as many gift cards as we possibly can, but every situation does have their limits.  For instance, there are certain gift cards that have unfavorable return policies, are known to have a high fraud rate, or other restrictions that make it a high risk for us to buy.  The best way to verify which gift cards we can and cannot buy, is to reach our customer assistance online.  So, click on the bottom right of your screen to connect to a customer assistant via live-chat.  They will gladly verify the kinds of gift cards we are presently buying, and can give you an estimated amount of cash you can receive when you come into our store.

North Phoenix Pawn is open 7 days a week, for you to cash in and sell gift cards and more at our pawn shop.  Monday – Saturday our hours are from 9am -6pm.  And on Sundays, our hours are from 10am – 5pm.  Our offers are the highest and our turning them into cash quickly happens in mere minutes!