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North Phoenix Pawn as your gold bullion dealer hands you its value in cash in mere minutesWelcome to North Phoenix Pawn, your trusted local pawn shop and bullion dealer in the heart of Phoenix! We are a one-stop gold silver and platinum bullion dealer and pawn shop, here to meet your cash needs. We pride ourselves on offering top-notch service, fair prices, and the best cash payouts possible to buy your precious metals.

At North Phoenix Pawn, we understand the significance of gold and silver in both historical and economic contexts. That’s why we have a dedicated team who are skilled and experienced to assess gold jewelry, silver coins, and bullion with precision. And that’s why with our assessments we are able to provide competitive offers based on the current spot price and weight.  Because, we all know that gold silver and platinum pricing changes every few seconds when the market is open, yet the most stable commodities to invest in.


Reputable Gold Dealers

A gold bullion dealer that buys gold coins, gold ingots, gold coins 7 days a week!Whether you have gold coins, gold ingots, gold jewelry or scrap gold, North Phoenix Pawn turns offers into cash as your gold bullion dealer. We stand out as a coin and precious metal dealer because of our commitment to fair prices and top-notch service. as a precious metals buyer and exchange. Our high-quality equipment sets us apart, along with our skilled and experienced staff.

When it comes to gold jewelry, we understand and consider that it is more than just jewelry to you. And we respect that while performing our evaluation and confirming the purity of the gold you are. That is why we are equipped with the most advanced technology to accurately analyze the karat quality of the precious metals.

Whether you are looking to sell 1 oz gold coin struck with the American Gold Eagle, or a gold bar that weighs 1 kilogram, North Phoenix Pawn is the premier local choice.  Because we are a gold bullion dealer that bases our offers on the current spot price, and counts out our offer in cash and directly hands it to you!

Silver Buyer Near Me

North Phoenix Pawn is your Silver and Gold bullion dealer near me that counts out our offers in cash quicklyNorth Phoenix Pawn is not just a gold bullion dealer.  We are also a silver bullion buyer near me that relies on the most widely known  . And we always check the current market spot price of silver before we present our offer. Whether you have silver bars, coins, or jewelry, we are interested in purchasing them from you.

If you’re considering buying or selling silver bullion, look no further than North Phoenix Pawn. Our staff is skilled and has the resources necessary to value your silver coins and bullion promptly.  In addition to our ability to meet the spot price, having cash in your hands is just a few minutes drive in the car away and can be yours today.


Assessing Gold and Silver

To ensure that we analyze your gold and silver’s fineness correctly, we utilize a testing kit for silver and gold jewelry. In addition, to assess precious metals in bulk forms, such as ingots, rounds and coins, we have the Sigma Metalytics verifier.  This amazing device sends electromagnetic waves through the precious metals to analyze their purity, and delivers its results in 2 minutes.  Thus, allowing us to proceed to place on our scale to weigh and then refer to the precious metal’s spot price and make you a cash offer.


Spot Prices Are Just a Click Away

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North Phoenix Pawn is Your Local Gold Bullion Dealer 7 Days a Week

We are open 7 days a week, from 9am to 6pm Monday thru Saturday, and on Sundays from 10am to 5pm.


We Provide Our Services With a Personal Rapport to Our Customers

We save you time and we count out our offers in cash at your local gold bullion dealer - North Phoenix PawnAt North Phoenix Pawn, we know how important it is as a gold bullion dealer to provide our customers with fair and competitive cash offers. Therefore our pawnbrokers provide accurate assessments, present the best offers possible that are in the range of even the international bullion dealers.  And being the local gold bullion dealer, gives you the advantage to have a personal rapport with our staff, and be handed your cash directly, promptly and with a friendly smile.

We value your items fairly and provide immediate cash payouts, ensuring a hassle-free experience.  And we never make it public record of the services we provide to you.  Because as a gold bullion dealer, we understand how important it is to maintain your trust, and that includes your privacy as well.


Best Online Gold Dealers

If you are seeking to buy gold and silver online JM Bullion is the most widely known bullion dealer out there.  But there are many national bullion dealers that are referred to as the best place to buy gold and silver online as well.  For instance, Bullion Exchange, Silver Gold Bull, Hero Bullion and Bullion Trading LLC, Money Metals Exchange, to name a few.

Although, as a gold bullion dealer, we do not provide these online services at this time, we do have bullion for you to buy.  And, you are always welcome to come in and buy what we have in stock.  Most importantly, we are the gold bullion buyer near me that pays out the most, in cash, no matter how much gold, silver or platinum you have!