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North Phoenix Pawn is one of the top gold buyers in the North Phoenix area.  Our pawn shop has had its doors open for over 25 years, buying, selling and lending cash on gold.  And onGold Buyer - North Phoenix Pawn a daily basis, we still continue to provide our customers with the most cash possible for gold bullion and jewelry.

We are not only your “gold buyers near me”, but we are one of the best in the business of buying and selling gold!  So, come on in to North Phoenix Pawn for professional and friendly service to sell your gold of any and all kinds, and get quick cash.

The Best Gold Bullion Buyer Phoenix Has With Best Cash Offers

We Are the Jewelry Buyer That Offers The Most Cash Possible!

  • Gold Jewelry
    • Earrings
    • Diamond Ring ( Including Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings, and Wedding/Engagement Ring Sets)
    • Pendants, Necklaces, Bracelets and Anklets
    • Brooches
    • Watches
    • Unwanted Jewelry

Free Appraisals Lead to the Best Offers Possible to Sell Gold!

The first thing you need to know, is our gold assessments at North Phoenix Pawn are completely free of charge.  In addition, they are also free from any obligation to accept our cash offer. The Gold Buyer with the best cash offers possible! Because we are well equipped with the tools and an experienced staff that knows where to find the true value of your gold.  Therefore, we are confident that our offers exceed any others you might have received, before coming to our pawn shop.

Hallmark Stamp & Gold’s Purity

The valuation begins with locating the hallmark or hidden stamp that is found on gold bullion and gold jewelry.  This stamp notes the karat (also known as purity) of the gold.

Pure gold is mostly used in making bullion, due to its form not being used as a form of currency, nor worn or with you on a daily basis.  Because gold is malleable and ductile, making it very pliable to work with.  You can actually make it as flat as a sheet of paper, or spin it into wire.  But, this also makes it susceptible to bending or kinking quite easily, unless in a controlled environment.  So consequently, jewelry is primarily made of 14k – 22k gold.  Therefore, the alloys that are mixed in with the pure gold give it more ability to sustain being adorned in every day life.

This is how gold karats measure in parts of purity to the alloys it may be mixed with:Gold Buyers, Hallmarks and Karats Equal Cash at North Phoenix Pawn

  • 24k = 99.9% pure gold
  • 22k = 91.67%
  • 18k =  75%
  • 14k = 58.33%
  • 12k = 50%
  • 10k = 41.67%

For gold bullion and coins, we analyze the gold using our Sigma Metalytics device.  To analyze gold jewelry, we use a gold testing kit to test the flakes we retrieve from a touchstone.  This in no way harms your gold jewelry, nor affect its visual appeal.

Gold’s Weight and the Spot Price

The weight of your gold is a heavy factor in the offer that you will receive from any gold buyer nationwide.  Therefore, North Phoenix Pawn is equipped with the most advanced technology, evenThe spot price equals cash in your hands from your gold buyer when it comes to our precious metal scale.  This ensures to accurately weigh your gold, whether it is in a bulk form, or a pair of gold earrings.

The last piece of vital information we need to complete our assessment, is to check the current spot price of gold.

The spot price is one of the term’s used to buy and/or sell commodities, including precious metals like gold, silver and platinum.  It is defined as being the price of gold at the time of purchase.  Although precious metals’ value does not fluctuate as extremely as the rest of the stock market can, the price still does fluctuate from open to close.

With the purity, weight and the spot price confirmed, our gold buyer will calculate 70% – 80% of the spot price, and present a cash offer to you.

The Gold Buyer Phoenix Relies On

If our offer is accepted, we will need to see your valid and current Driver’s License, and your signature.  Once we have those, we will count out our offer in cash and hand it directly to you.  From the beginning of the assessment to us handing you your cash, can take as little as 10 – 15 minutes to get your cash for jewelry near me.  Because at North Phoenix Pawn, we also understand the importance of time and to not waste it.

North Phoenix Pawn is the gold buyer near me that you can trust and rely on to receive the most cash possible when you sell gold jewelry, coins, bullion, and gold watches.  Time and cash are on your side when you seek to pawn or sell your valuables with our pawn shop!