Used Computer Store

Used Computer StoreUsed Computer Store

When it comes to buying computers or laptops, why buy brand new when you can find what you are looking for at a used computer store, like North Phoenix Pawn?!

Because, let’s face it, it does not pay off financially to buy the newest releases as soon as they come out, for multiple reasons.  First of all, brand new computers, that have just been released, have a very inflated price tag.  In addition, the latest releases, also have the newest releases of accessories to go with them as well.  Therefore, another expensive cost out of your pocket.  Lastly, any new lines or releases tend to have multiple bugs that still need to be worked out their system.  Making a new computer an exhausting, costly and time consuming endeavor.

However, when you buy a lap top from a used computer store, you can have the best of both worlds.  Because the newness has passed, and that brings down the price tag, quite nicely.  Likewise, you have time to review what new features have been released, and which ones would suit you best.  And, there is no better place to go and find the laptop you are looking for than North Phoenix Pawn.  We have a great selection to choose from, at a price that is more friendly to your pocket book.

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North Phoenix Pawn Is More Than Just A Used Computer Store

North Phoenix Pawn is known by its surrounding residents, to be a used computer store, used electronics store, and a place to sell or pawn valuables for cash.  But, what most people do not realize, is how much pawn shops contribute to their communities.  Which is a lot.  For instance…

  • Buying computers from pawn shops, like North Phoenix Pawn, supports our local economy.  Because, most of our customers are within a 5 mile radius or less.  So, pawn shops offer those who need fast cash, a viable means to get it.  And then we turn around and sell these valuable items back to our community at a reasonable price.
  • In addition, buying computers from our used computer store, is a great way form of recycling.  Because, the computers and laptops that we have in stock, are all in good working condition, and can provide its next owner with all the abilities needed, from a computer that is new to them.  And, again, these computers are at a much more reasonable price, making them much easier to afford.

A Used Computer Store With Layaway Available

Yes, you read that headline correctly.  All of our laptops and computers for sale at North Phoenix Pawn are eligible for our layaway program.  With10% down to put your used computer on our layaway program only 10% down on the total amount of the computer, our pawnbroker can get you set up on our layaway program.  Depending on how much the system is, will determine how long the layaway agreement will be.

For the duration of the layaway, the item that is soon to be yours, will be kept in the back of our facility, waiting for you to pay it off and retrieve it.  Once the last payment is made, our associate will retrieve it and hand it directly to you with the receipt of your purchase.

However, if you are unable to maintain the monthly payments on time, there is a 15% restocking fee to return the merchandise back on the shelves.

North Phoenix Pawn continues to be a one-stop pawn shop and more for our surrounding Phoenix residents.  Come on in, and see what valuables we have in our store for you, and how affordable they can be.