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What Makes North Phoenix Pawn the Best Pawn Shop Phoenix Has?

North Phoenix Pawn is a pawn shop known for our accurate assessments, highest cash offers and an impressive rapport with our customers.  While all three of these points we proudly wear as a badge of honor, our customers are the most important to us!   Because we are a locally owned business, that has been a part of the community, and contributing to the local economy for more than 25 years.   Whether you are looking to sell or pawn your valuable items to our store, our goal, first and foremost, is to be the pawn shop that offers the highest amount, and turns it into cash in your hands before you leave our store.

Honest Questions Deserve Honest Answers

At North Phoenix Pawn we feel that the best pawn shop Phoenix has, that it is our responsibility to share with you the questions customers ask our pawnbrokers the most, and their answers…

Pawn shops - Pawn Vs Sell...Which Gets You The Most Cash?Do You Get More Money if You Pawn or Sell to a Pawn Shop?

If you outright sell you valuables to a pawn shop, the payout is more than if you were to pawn it.  But, only slightly higher at North Phoenix Pawn.  Because most pawn shops believe that the offers should have a significant difference.  This is not our thought, or our practice though.  The way that we see it, you are needing cash, and we are here to make that accessible to you.


Is It Better to Pawn Something or Sell It?

That answer depends on 2 factors.

  • Is your status of being short of cash a temporary situation?
    • If you are needing cash because you are struggling financially, it is best to sell your valuable item, rather than pawn it.  Because, a 90 day pawn loan accrues interest daily, and must be paid in full, along with the principal to retrieve the item you pawned.  And if you are already struggling it will cause you more stress trying to come up with the money to get it back.  Most importantly, we aim to help you, not add more stress to your life.
    • Although, if you are just needing some fast cash to help cover an unexpected household expense, and will be able to easily pay back the money borrowed plus interest, then a collateral loan can be the fastest and best solution for you and your family.
  • How much does the item mean to you?
    • If the valuable item you bring in is a family heirloom that has been passed down 4 generations, it’s most likely something you are not willing to part with on a permanent basis.  However, it really depends on how much something means to you personally, beyond its monetary value, along with your ability to easily pay off the loan to retrieve your belongings.

What Do Pawn Shops Pay the Most For?Best Pawn Shop Phoenix has, with the best cash offers is North Phoenix Pawn!

Gold and platinum jewelry, bullion and coins.  Because the payout is based on its weight, the purity of the precious metal, and its current spot price.  Watches are another item, that can bring you an incredible amount of cash, based on its brand, model, rarity, and condition of the watch itself.

But, if you want to make sure you are offered as much cash as possible for an item you paid a lot of money for, make sure that you bring it in in its very best condition.  Look at it from a buyer’s perspective.  Meaning, take the time to clean it up, have ALL of the accessories or parts that it came with, along with the sales receipt and original box it came in at the time of purchase (if possible).

Where to Find the Best Pawn Shop Phoenix Relies On

North Phoenix Pawn is located on the west side of 19th Avenue, just south of Peoria Avenue, in Phoenix Arizona.

Monday thru Saturday from 9am – 6pm

and Sundays from 10am – 5pm

Whether you are looking to sell, pawn or buy valuables, come on down to North Phoenix Pawn.  We have a great selection of quality items to buy for a reasonable price, or put on our lay-away program.  Or, if you are in need of some fast cash, we have a skilled and experienced staff waiting to assess your valuables and offer you the most money, and turn it into cash in your hands!

We are a not only a Phoenix pawn shop, we are also locally owned, offering the most cash, accurate assessments, and a smile.  Most importantly, we take pride in our offers when it comes to gold, silver and platinum jewelry, coins and bullion.  While Pawn 1st or Mo’ Money Pawn have commercials, we have offers that actually reflect the spot prices, and your precious metal’s value.