Sell Diamond Jewelry

Sell diamond jewelry for the best cash offers on a 90 day loan at North Phoenix Pawn When you sell diamond jewelry, there are usually 2 reasons you are considering it.  Either you need the cash, or you are no longer with a future spouse, and want to sell engagement ring.  Nonetheless, it’s very important to get the most cash possible when you are looking to sell your jewelry pieces.

That is why North Phoenix Pawn is a great place to bring your diamonds and sell them for cash.  Because our skilled and experienced staff knows where to find your diamond jewelry’s value.  After that, our pawnbroker will  calculate the best offer possible, and has the money readily available to turn it into cash in your hands quickly.

DIAMOND JEWELRY WE BUY:Sell diamond jewelry - North Phoenix Pawn

  • Earrings
  • Pendants, Necklaces & Chokers
  • Brooches
  • Watches
  • Rings – Wedding Sets, Engagement Rings & Wedding Rings
  • Bracelets & Anklets

*North Phoenix Pawn is a reputable jewelry buyer in the North Valley, that buys any and all new, estate, antique jewelry and heirlooms.  So, if you are in the area, and looking to sell, take advantage of us being the place to sell diamond jewelry near me. 

Sell Diamond Jewelry for the Most Cash Possible

North Phoenix Pawn knows that diamond jewelry has to have two separate assessments combined to conclude and present you with the best cash offer possible.  One assessment analyzes the precious metal, and the other assesses the diamond(s) themselves.  Appraising of the diamond(s), should follow the guidelines created by GIA, for an accurate analysis.  We practice these procedures to properly gauge the value correctly, to ensure we present our customers with the most cash possible.

The 4 C’s of Diamond Assessments

  1. Cut – This considers the symmetry, the proportions and the polish of the diamond.  The way the facets reflect the light gives it itsThe beauty seen in diamonds has value at North Phoenix Pawn brilliance and creates the sparkle of different colors from within.  This factor is the most crucial when assessing a diamond.
  2. Clarity – This the flaws that are found internally in the diamond (inclusions) and on the exterior (blemishes).  The majority of the time, these impurities are not obvious to the naked eye.
  3. Color – There is a range of 23 colors (aka grades) that a diamond can have as a hue.  Although most of us always think of diamonds as being white or clear, these are the rarest of all diamond “colors”.  This scale starts at D-F, which is colorless, to S-Z, which is light yellow.  (This category of grading is the second most important.)
  4. Carat – This is the measurement of the weight of a diamond.  The price of diamonds jumps drastically for each full carat.  For instance, the price difference of 2 carats can be 3X as much as 1 carat.

The Value of Gold, Platinum & Silver and How It Is Determined

There are three precious metals that are primarily used to set diamonds in jewelry.  They are platinum, gold and silver.  Each of theseHallmark Stamps - Sell Diamond Jewelry - North Phoenix Pawn precious metals, in their purest forms (99.9%) are the most ductile and malleable of metals.  All three of these are considered commodities, and are traded daily on the stock market.  Their values do vary according primarily to their rarity.  Thus, keeping their daily price fluctuation minimal.

To determine the value of the precious metal, it is necessary to verify its purity, or in gold terms, its karat.  This is noted on the hallmark stamp that your jewelry has, hidden in a discreet place.  Once located, we will start at that level of the testing kit to verify its purity used to make your platinum, gold or silver jewelry.   The test kit has varying strengths of the acid that these precious metals react to.  We have a touchstone, that provides the flake samples we need, that keeps your jewelry safe from directly being tested or harmed in any way.

After that, the gold, silver or platinum is put on the scale to be weighed.  Finally, the daily spot price is verified of the precious metal.

In the end, the two assessments are added together, and then our pawnbrokers calculate a fair percentage of the market value, and then present the cash offer to you.

We Turn Our Offers Into Cash In Your Hands Quickly

If our offer to sell engagement ring is accepted, we will need your valid and current Arizona Driver’s License and your signature to finalizeWe turn our offers into cash in your hands quickly! North Phoenix Pawn the paperwork.  Once that is said and done, our pawnbroker will count out the offer in cash and hand it directly to you.  You can be walking out our door in as little as 30 minutes, with pockets full of cash.

North Phoenix Pawn is the pawn shop relies on for accurate assessments, the best offers possible and for them to become fast cash!